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Nanny Professionals was started in 1984 as a division of Convergent Systems, Inc.  While we are a small company, and give personalized service, Nanny Professionals is the oldest and the largest nanny agency in this area. Since it began, Nanny Professionals has continually added to and improved our services.

Nanny Professionals is a placement service for nannies on a full-time basis, either live-in or live-out. Nannies are generally placed with a family for a year, but shorter term placements for summers or to meet special family needs are also possible. Placements are made both in the metropolitan area and in selected areas throughout the United States. Most placements outside of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area are live-in only. Prior to consideration for placement, nannies in all programs must meet basic age, education and experience requirements, have their background checked, sign all appropriate disclosure forms, be fingerprinted, complete a child development evaluation instrument, and have an interview with a degreed child care professional.

In the Metropolitan Minneapolis/St. Paul Area
we also offer the following services:

Nanny Professional Sitter Service
Serving those unique, part-time situations where a family needs either long term part-time or flexible care. Nannies are scheduled monthly and may work for more than one family to give them full-time working hours. Nanny Professional Sitter Service also handles vacations and special help for new mothers - whatever the client family needs. This sitter service also serves many visitors to the Twin Cities, occasional child care needs and tryout by families considering a nanny.

Nannies for Newborns
A special service for parents of a first baby, twins or triplets.

Home Companion Care
Designed for elderly individuals where companion services are needed. This is a companion service only, and health care workers are not provided.

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Nanny Professionals
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